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Oracle Gold
TEAM Informatics has been an Oracle Gold Partner since 2001 and is a member of the Oracle Partner Network. We have also attained the prestigious Oracle Specialized designation in five US regions for our expertise in integrating the WebCenter product stack. Because of our experience with their products including: WebCenter Content, Portal, Sites, Content: Records, Information Rights Management, and Digital Asset Management, the combination of TEAM Informatics and Oracle boosts customers‘confidence as well as providing a savings in cost and time.
Specialization is Oracle's way of not just "certifying" partners, but setting technology, implementation and design experts apart from the rest of the field. Oracle says,

OPN Gold specialized/content
“Oracle Specialized Partners possess in-depth skills and expertise in Oracle's products, solutions or industries as demonstrated by their success in selling, developing and implementing these solutions. Partner Specialization provides a system of preference for Oracle's customers.”

Specialization in WebCenter and Enterprise Content Management matters because it keeps us sharp. Specialization gives our customers and Oracle personnel the confidence that we are the best choice to be part of your Oracle solution team. So who is on your team?

Google Enterprise Partner
As a Google Enterprise Search Partner since 2007, a Google Beta Program member, and certified reseller of the Google Search Appliance, TEAM is a trusted go-to integrator of the Google Search Appliance within Oracle Content Server. We do this by leveraging our own GSA-Oracle Content Server Connector. Google’s superior search capabilities coupled with TEAM’s GSA Content Server Connector and first-rate implementation expertise provides customers with unparalleled search functionality within their Content Server environment.
Kofax Certified
TEAM has been part of Kofax’s Global Partner Program since 2006. Kofax continues to expand its position as the leading provider of capture software. Paired with TEAM’s seasoned implementation experience, we are able to provide simply the best capture services to our clients. TEAM Informatics, a Kofax Certified Solutions Provider, holds Kofax certifications in Ascent Capture, ACIS (Ascent Capture Internet Server), and INDICIUS (Advanced Capture) product lines.
Kapow Logo_280
Kapow Software Partner
TEAM and Kapow Software are working together to create enterprise-level content management migration solutions that address public facing sites, intranets, corporate e-libraries, document libraries, and entire enterprise solutions. The Kapow Katalyst™ Platform, with its purpose-built extraction browser, automatically extracts, transforms, integrates and migrates data from virtually any source on the web, in the cloud or across the enterprise, to virtually anywhere without requiring APIs, and improves the speed and accuracy of content migrations to and from websites and Web Content Management Systems, without disruptive content freezes.
Integro Logo_280
Integro is an industry recognized product and services company specializing in solutions for Enterprise Content Management, Email Management, eDiscovery, and Records Management. Integro’s flagship product, Integro Email Manager (IEM), enables proactive, comprehensive email management for most ECM systems via Integro’s innovative auto-classification with human oversight approach. Through a partnership between TEAM Informatics, Integro, and EntropySoft, Integro’s comprehensive email management technology is available for Oracle customers via the Email Manager for Oracle product.
Gill Digital Logo_280
Gill Digital
TEAM and Gill Digital are working together to provide an all-in-one solution for going paperless
Gill Digital Service is a Green Initiative Document Solutions Consulting Company and a Bonded, Secured and Certified Kodak Scanning Service Bureau.
Gill Digital Service became an LLC corporation in 2002 initially serving the legal communities a result of the Dallas Court System creating paperless courtrooms and eliminating their paper filing storage space. Realizing that private industry also had a need for our services, we expanded to serving the private sectors from one-man offices to Fortune 500 companies.

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Consulting Partners
Keste Logo_280
Keste Partner
TEAM and Keste partnered up in 2009 to mutually leverage each other’s expertise in integrating WebCenter products such as Portal, Content and Sites.  As a Platinum member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, Keste designs, develops and deploys custom solutions that automate complex business processes. Keste is focused on the execution, delivery and support of enterprise software for technology, communications and industrial manufacturing companies.
IDMWORKS logo_280
The modern IT organization is faced with many challenges as they cut operational costs and attempt to address a variety of security issues, while, also striving to retain compliance standards, and provide the same level of service to the users. To alleviate these issues, companies need the ability to efficiently access applications across their environments seamlessly and securely for all employees. TEAM has formed a strategic partnership with IDMWORKS for their expertise with Oracle Access Manager and Identity Management services to fill these gaps.
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