The TEAM WebCenter Sites connector allows you to leverage the Oracle WebCenter Content enterprise content management platform and deliver centrally-managed content to all your WebCenter Sites deployments. Furthermore, the Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities in WebCenter Content allow your web marketers to spend less time creating manual renditions for multimedia files and more time on achieving your web marketing goals.


  • Enables the Oracle-recommended enterprise content infrastructure to be fully utilized with WebCenter Sites
  • Full integration with WebCenter Content DAM renditioning
  • Integrated rules engine for easy mapping between WebCenter Content items and WebCenter Sites attributes
  • Utilizes fully supported WebCenter APIs


WebCenter Sites and Content

WebCenter Sites enables organizations to deliver a compelling online experience to customers by deploying and managing sophisticated and engaging web sites. By utilizing the WebCenter Content platform behind WebCenter Sites you can simplify and automate the entire process of managing web content, including; authoring, site design, content publishing and deployment, content targeting, site analytics and optimization, and user-generated content.

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