intelligentcontent4Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) are integral to the success of organizations wanting to manage and control their content and records. The ability to store the document context in metadata is one of the major differentiators between an ECMS and a traditional file management system.  An ECMS leverages a Business Classification Structure (BCS) to classify documents and records, by populating metadata pertaining to the business context of the item.  Metadata classification drives findability, access control, security handling, release-ability, retention and disposal and other line of business processes.


Traditional ECMS systems rely on the end-user to capture the metadata at content contribution time, via a metadata form or by putting the content into a particular folder location (where the content inherits the folder metadata).  Both of these strategies have been a major barrier to more widespread adoption of ECMS.


The primary critical success factor for ECMS is that the system be “invisible” to users, while providing the requisite infrastructure for the creation, publishing  and management of the organization’s documents and records.


What is Intelligent Content?

TEAM’s Intelligent Content Solution removes the need for the information worker to participate in the metadata classification process.  The user simply saves to the ContentWorX repository using MS Office or file explorer.  Content can also be contributed by line of business systems, ingested from network drives or cloud based file systems.


ontologybrowser2The Intelligent Content component leverages an information classification model, or ontology, which contains the specific industry or company specific vocabulary of the organization.  The model drives the auto classification process, which upon contribution will open each document and parse the content (and file attributes) of the document, match against the model and automatically populate the metadata.


The ontology, comprised of a set of terms and rules, is maintained by the information or records management subject matter experts (SMEs) within the organization.


Exposing the information model (or ontology) via the ContentWorX interface allows “Semantically Enhanced” search capability through “type ahead” on terms and the ability to browse through the model to add search filters.  Rules can also be configured to classify for access control, release-ability and retention and disposal.  E.g. board meetings have a retention period of 10 years vs project meeting minutes with a retention period of three years.


Product Specifications

smartlogicpartnerTEAM’s Intelligent Content solution combines the power of Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC) with SmartLogic’s extraordinary content classification software – Semaphore. This solution provides an end-to-end process, which automatically detects and immediately applies classification and metadata values to all contributed content. TEAM and SmartLogic have partnered to bring Intelligent Content to the WebCenter community, to revolutionize search and findability in the ECMS.


Metadata is no longer modeled as a hierarchical two-dimensional system, but rather as a three-dimensional “ontology”. This model provides users with unparalleled capabilities.  Intelligent Content utilizes Semaphore’s revolutionary engine, which analyses patterns of likely context to automate content classification. Data can then be searched for and found across multiple taxonomic pathways. The Intelligent Content solution created by TEAM and SmartLogic changes the paradigm of content management.


Product Features

  • Enhanced Information Management
    • Ontology management workbench, providing a feature rich environment for information management SMEs to create and manage their information model and rules
    • Information model life cycle management, with review and approval processes
    • The information model is integrated directly with the content. Updates to the model are reflected automatically in the repository
  • Term and Rules Based Auto Classification
    • Consistent, scalable, time-saving auto-classification
    • Flexible, precise rules based auto-classification
  • Enhanced “semantic” search capability
    • “search as you type” or “did you mean” adds context to ambiguous queries
    • Search result filtering into logical topic areas
    • Conceptual navigators, linking related topics to the search context
    • Faceted search capability, allowing search from different directions to meet multiple search abilities
  • Ontology visualization, allowing the ability to browse the ECMS using the information model and execute searches based on the model.
  • Supports a solid and defensible Information governance strategy by
    • Identifying sensitive information
    • Applying disposal and retention rules
    • Granular file content auditing

intelligentcontent video snap

View the Intelligent Content in WebCenter Content Demo on YouTube


About ContentWorX

ContentWorX is pre-configured ECMS extensible platform designed specifically for a quick deployment, maximum user adoption and adherence to territory applicable document and records management regulations, standards and best practices.


ContentWorX encompasses TEAM’s 15 years of ECM experience packaged into an “as-a-Service” deployment that can be hosted in the Cloud, On Premises or as an Appliance.  “Powered by Oracle”, ContentWorX incorporates state of the art technology and strategies to maximize the adoption of the solution, enabling your organization to move to a higher level of information management maturity.


The ContentWorX service comprises Content, Records, Collaboration and Library Services as core services which can be deployed “in the Cloud”, “On-Premises” or as an “Appliance.”   These core services are complemented by a range of additional value extension options, with capabilities to support secure mobility, business process orchestration, integration, identity management, as well as adapters to common search engines, line of business applications and taxonomy tools.  All options can be selected from a comprehensive service catalog.

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