TEAM Informatics partners with Google for Google Search Appliance solutions:


  • Google Enterprise Partner
  • GSA Beta Testing program
  • Authorized GSA Reseller


The Google Search Appliance (GSA) allows for excellent search relevancy across multiple repositories in a corporate environment while maintaining the famous easy to use Google interface. Secure, robust, and well-designed search solutions are a cornerstone of efficient Enterprise Information utilization.


How much time do employees spend looking for documents? Records? Content? And—most importantly—what does this loss of productivity end up costing?


Does your current search solution fail to search across multiple repositories? Does your existing search provide non-relevant results? Does your current solution lack appropriate access control? Is your current solution slow or unresponsive?


The experts at Google have spent years developing state of the art solutions to problems such as these and have packaged them into their powerful Enterprise Search product, the Google Search Appliance.


The Google Search Appliance utilizes Google’s core search technology and is optimized for use in corporate settings.


For more information about the GSA, view Google’s search solutions.


Let TEAM Informatics help you put this product to use in your organization today. As a Google Enterprise Partner, TEAM Informatics is an authorized GSA dealer, installer, and implementer.


Full-service Installations include:

  • GSA configuration and installation
  • GSA and Enterprise Content Management integration services
  • Enterprise support


Contact TEAM today for more details about customizations and pricing, or to talk with an experienced Solution Consultant about your organization’s needs.

Oracle Content Server Integration

If your organization utilizes Oracle Content Server, see the TEAM Informatics GSA CS Connector software solution.  TEAM has created custom Connectors tailored to customer needs, and also offers a supported Connector product.

TEAM can perform Oracle Content Server integration to enable the Content Server information to be searched securely via the GSA – through the normal search interface in Content Server or offered up through other user interfaces.

Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Google Search Appliance is a registered trademark of Google Inc. All other trademarks and tradenames mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.



 Improved Relevancy
Annual employee surveys for information technology services at one customer sighted search as the highest impacting change that could be made for their intranet.

Finding relevant information was frustrating with the previous search engine as many commonly requested terms and phrases did not return expected results.

Prior to installing the Google Search Appliance, many comments from the employee surveys mimicked this one, “Our search engine is terrible; especially when it comes to searching for policies. This certainly needs to be revamped.”


Implementation of the Google Search Appliance improved customer satisfaction result scores to 4.6 out of 5.

A default GSA installation produced overwhelmingly positive results such as this user feedback, “I was actually able to find the information I needed on the first try! I didn’t have to make any follow up phone calls to ask where to find what I needed on the intranet. This search engine is head and shoulders above our previous capability and has already saved me some time! Great job and thanks to everyone involved in deploying this tool.” – Six Sigma Co-Champion

Cross-Repository Search

Physical and logical data sources hold information for content owners and portal users (content consumers).  Managed content exists and is secured in ten content repositories.  Content is distributed logically through intranet and extranet portals and web content management interfaces.
Because the portal destinations may use content from various repositories and since secure access to content is required by consumers, an orchestrated search index to portal integration was desired.


The customer selected Google Search Appliance to index across repositories and integrate to the custom security architecture which authorizes content access across the content collection and content subsets.
The GSA is also being used to integrate a customer service database application and present the data “in-context” with search results via Google’s embedded OneBox technology.