TEAM works in a number of diverse industries serving hundreds of different clients.

We service a myriad of different Oracle WebCenter Suite and Google Search Appliance (GSA) related projects. We develop, sell, and support the products and solutions to aid our customers in their content and search related efforts as they seek to reduce time to benefits against their business objectives. TEAM’s products have been developed based on the needs voiced by customers in the field and serve a specific purpose at solving our clients’ business problems.

Connecting You to Content

TEAM dedicates much of our Research and Development resources to creating the pipeline that feeds disparate technologies content through certified partnerships and development helping you get the most out of your investment. Our Google Search Appliance connectors are industry first and implemented with proven success.

Enabling and Empowering Your Company

Through unique projects, TEAM establishes a need for products and tools that cover the gaps in the base enterprise content management technologies. Whether its migration, retention policies for email, or a secure way to share video, TEAM is creating partnerships and developing these tools to empower your staff.

TEAM Sites Connector

Connect WebCenter Sites to WebCenter Content 

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Google Search Appliance Connector for Alfresco

Enable your Alfresco Implementation with the familiarity of the Google Search Interface

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Google Search Appliance Connector for WebCenter

Use Google Search on your WebCenter Content repository to save time and money

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Hybrid Enterprise Content Management with Oracle Documents Cloud 

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Bulk Loader

Migrate from disparate repositories into WebCenter Content

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Create an XML representation of the latest version of electronic records including metadata

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Intelligent Content

Auto-classification and metadata tagging for WebCenter Content

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