The Bulk Loader by TEAM Informatics enables organizations to quickly process large volumes of content stored in file shares across disparate groups. Content can be archived to another location, migrated into Oracle WebCenter Content, deleted or left in place. The Bulk Loader handles millions of documents in an easy web based interface.


The Bulk Loader starts by crawling your network file shares, discovering content objects and register them into a database. A migration administrator or owner can then group the discovered files into a manifest. These manifests are provided to business users to mark each object with a required action (e.g. migrate, archive, delete, or leave in place). Content objects marked with the migrate action are further tagged with a target folder location.


The Bulk Loader then submits the content objects for batch processing. Processing can happen in real time or during a scheduled time outside of business hours. Any migration errors which occur are recorded and can be reported back to the business owner of the manifest.

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Key Benefits

File Discovery

  • Crawls and registers all “discovered” files on the network file shares into the file tracker

Manifest Management

  • Allows super users to arrange discovered objects into manifests, and allocate a manifest to a user for processing.
  • Provides the capability to configure a manifest by selecting the appropriate action (migrate, delete, archive, leave in place) for each discovered object and by defining the target folder for each discovered object.
  • Metadata and security is inherited from the target folder
  • Provides the status of the manifest and files

Manifest Processing

  • Allows the manifest to be processed executing the selected actions for each discovered object. The service provider can control the rate of ingestion and also time of processing, in association with agency requirements
    • Migrate – checks in the file to WebCenter Content and deletes the source file
    • Delete – deletes the file from the network file share
    • Archive – moves the file to an archive repository