docsconnectTEAM’s DOCSConnect joins the power of Oracle WebCenter Content 11g (WCC) and the highly developed Oracle Public Cloud offering, Documents Cloud Service. This hybrid enterprise content model provides security, compliance, and data management features with the extensive collaborative capabilities of the cloud. DOCSConnect is the first connector that exists and functions solely with WebCenter Content 11g and Oracle DOCS rather than utilizing a third party installation. TEAM developed DOCSConnect in order to provide a deeply integrated, controlled, and auditable hybrid document system to ensure content could be accessible and editable at all times from any device.


DOCSConnect is an enhancement component within Oracle WebCenter Content 11g. Not only does DOCSConnect provide improved access to enterprise content, it enables an unprecedented level of collaboration and maintains auditable version histories of files uploaded in both WCC and DOCS. DOCSConnect allows WebCenter Content 11g to serve as a Single Point of Truth (SPoT) for all enterprise content while leveraging the burgeoning power of Documents Cloud Service and Oracle’s Public Cloud platform.


  • Integrated directly with WCC – no extra software, no extra hardware
  • Constant, bidirectional syncing of content between WCC and DOCS
  • Syncing is scheduled for your needs in increments of minutes, hours, or days
  • Establish conflict resolution rules to determine outcome in case of conflict
  • Establish deletion priority rules to determine which side “owns” the content
  • Enables a choice on where to sync the WCC folder to Oracle DOCS
  • Version control of documents: tracks revisions in WCC and DOCS
  • DOCS control of user role: manager, contributor, downloader, viewer
  • DOCS previews allows users to view complete revision history
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