TEAM Informatics is a Google Enterprise Partner, GSA Reseller, and GSA Beta Tester.The Google Search Appliance provides Google’s sophisticated search capabilities for your intranets, websites, portals, and other enterprise repositories. The GSA Connector by TEAM enables the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to index and serve content stored in Alfresco. With the connector, the algorithms that have been tuned with billions of daily queries on to deliver highly relevant search results can also be applied to Alfresco.


  • Federated Search – The GSA provides federated search results for all your enterprise content sources including WebCenter Content, Alfresco, SharePoint, file systems, and many others.
  • Flexible Execution – Expose the GSA search in websites, portals, and other applications using the included APIs.
  • Document Previews – View and page through documents directly from the search results.
  • User-Added Results – Users can associate search terms with particular results to direct other users to especially relevant items.
  • People Search – View employee profile info within the search results.
  • Segmented Search – Easily limit the scope of searches to specific metadata fields.
  • Productivity – The GSA features make searching fast and intuitive.