TEAM Informatics is a Google Enterprise Partner, GSA Reseller, and GSA Beta Tester. Our GSA Oracle WebCenter Content Server Connector was first created in 2008. The Connector is deployed in customer production environments in North America and Australia with continued product development, regression testing, and support through the most recent product versions. See our reviews on Google Market Place.

The Google Search Appliance (GSA) applies the power of Google’s core search technology along with the simplicity and familiarity of Google’s interface to corporate content across multiple servers and repositories. This includes support for ECM solutions; however, Google does not provide a connector for Oracle Content Server.


The GSA Connector  enables the power of Google technology to be applied to WebCenter Content Server. The Connector is a Java-based “plug-in” that communicates with Content Server’s built-in SOAP interface to execute core and custom services. The custom services are provided with the Connector as a Content Server custom component. Once installed and configured, the Connector provides a route by which the GSA may index content and related metadata directly from one or more Content Server instances.

Content indexed by the GSA will respect the security defined within Content Server.


The Connector provides a browser-based interface through the GSA to define and configure Content Server connections. The GSA provides administrative interfaces to customize the search form and search results. TEAM offers further integration and customization options including embedding the GSA search form and search results into existing portal or intranet.


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