We Deliver

We take certifications seriously. That’s why we are certified partners with Oracle, Google, Alfresco, Code 42 and many more. Our consultants are trained to maintain their certifications throughout their tenure with TEAM. Let us show you how to get your enterprise solution on its way.

Solution Lifecycle

TEAM Informatics is an end to end solution company – in other words, we’re there from the very beginning and through to completion – and beyond, if necessary.

Our Support and Hosting Services will ensure that once the job is done, your solution will continue to run smoothly. Ask our clients, who will tell you that they consider TEAM an ongoing (and trusted) partner.

Contact TEAM today to find out how we can help develop a solution for your team.

Structured Delivery

TEAM has developed a way that works for delivering Oracle WebCenter Suite software projects.  Our clients appreciate the ability to be flexible with staffing models – from augmented support to joint staffing to complete turnkey projects.

Structured methodology and deep experience with ECM, BPM, Search, and Portals make for smooth implementations and confident transitions.

Our Top Services


Oracle WebCenter

Robust enterprise solutions for content Management, web content and experience management, and portal.

Enterprise Support

Certified and professional. TEAM’s support services are best-in-class developers covering a wide range of your support needs.

Oracle Documents Cloud Services

Collaboration document management. Connect WebCenter Content to Documents Cloud.


Our Niche


Oracle WebCenter

Certified Experts
  • WebCenter Portal 
  • WebCenter Sites
  • WebCenter Content 
  • Business Process Management 
  • Image/Process Management 

Enterprise Support

Tiered Support Services
  •  Enterprise Platinum 
  • Enterprise Gold
  • Enterprise Silver
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Technical Account Manager 

Training Services

Certified Training
  • WebCenter Professionals 
  • On Premise or Cloud Delivered 
  • Up to 10 Students 
  • Knowledge Transfer 
  • Extended Support 

Other Offerings

Enterprise Solutions
  • Oracle Documents Cloud Service 
  • Alfresco One ECM 
  • Google Search Appliance 
  • Crash Plan form Code42 
  • Comprehensive managed services