The modern IT organization is faced with many challenges as they cut operational costs and attempt to address a variety of security issues, while, also striving to retain compliance standards, and provide the same level of service to the users. To alleviate these issues, companies need the ability to efficiently access applications across their environments seamlessly and securely for all employees. TEAM has formed a strategic partnership with IDMWORKS for their expertise with Oracle Access Manager and Identity Management services to fill these gaps.


IDMWORKS provides a smooth implementation of Oracle Access Manager to get your company up and running fast with a proven architecture and the ability to allow employees access to their applications transparently without the need for a sign-on into each application. This also provides more security by allowing users to use a single, secure password that can be maintained centrally by a single authority or by the users themselves. This will build the foundation that you need to get the desired business results quickly. Our solution also reduces the need to create and manage unnecessary identities in an enterprise. The end result reduces the number of sign ins a user has to remember, as well as reducing the number of calls to the help desk for id/password resets. Through a series of workshops and detailed planning sessions IDMWORKS will lead the Discovery, Planning, Design, and Implementation phases. IDMWORKS can train or manage the Identity Manager system upon completion of the project.



  • identitymgmtImproves operational efficiency
  • Scalable and configurable to meet your business needs
  • Reduces number of sign-ons a user requires
  • Provides Single Sign-On functionality for multiple applications
  • Centralized user management
  • Centralized policy management
  • Security zone containment (SSO security zones)
  • Easy integration with Oracle Fusion Middleware Suite of Products


If you are looking to improve access and security to your applications, contact TEAM today.