TEAM support solutions deliver a personal approach to implementation management and provide significant value-add above and beyond standard support services. We ensure that the ongoing needs of your Enterprise Content Management System are met by a senior-level support expert with skills specific to your implementation. TEAM provides support services for a wide range of Oracle WebCenter Suite technologies, including Content, Sites, Portal and Social, Google Enterprise Search, Kofax, Alfresco and Microsoft SharePoint.


Our Tiered Support


Enterprise Support Silver

The foundation services upon which all other levels of service are built upon. Key benefits include:
  • Personal touch to service delivery. Direct access to Support Services 
  • Automated escalation management
  • Engagement of Vendor Services 

Enterprise Support Gold

All of the above, as well as additional services which include:
  • Designated Technical Account Manager (TAM). You will have direct access to a senior-level resource (your TAM) who will maintain an in-depth knowledge of your specific product, environment and architecture. Soon, you will be thinking about this person as an extension of your own technical team.
  • Maintenance of system configuration, architecture diagram, and documented enhancements.
  • Enterprise Silver
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Technical Account Manager 

Enterprise Support Platinum

The highest level of support services, it provides all of the Silver and Gold offerings, as well as services generally considered outside the scope of support and application maintenance services. Key benefits include:
  • Extended coverage – 24/7 for all Severity 1 and 2 issues.
  • Annual Review. An implementation review, headed by your TAM, will be a collaborative session. This will include a review of support activity, and a proactive ‘health check’ of your complete solution. 
  • Application replication within the TEAM Data Center

Customization Support

  • Provides extended coverage for custom functionality – integrations, websites, components.
  • Bundled consulting hours for additional services such as assistance with architecture configuration changes, upgrades, enhancements, system migrations, performance evaluation, and website development.


Administrative Services

  • Includes application patch and critical update management, metadata & security model maintenance for routine updates, and general system and error log monitoring.


Your company will be able to respond quickly to changing business needs by utilizing your TAM to adapt your solution at a moment’s notice.