At TEAM we understand the importance of managing Content Server in an educated and efficient manner. WebCenter Content is new to many customers and it may seem unfamiliar. Our WebCenter Content training courses will provide your company with the education needed to fully administer your investment in WebCenter Content.


TEAM Informatics offers instructor-led training for Oracle WebCenter Suite in all areas of Oracle WebCenter Content (formerly UCM). These courses are designed for users, content/records owners, administrators, and developers. Our training courses will be delivered from the cloud by a qualified instructor onsite or offsite. Note that most courses can accommodate up to 12 students.


We believe that training is a way for our customers to maximize the potential of their content management systems and gain a rapid return on IT investments. The value of any information or content solution is dependent on employee knowledge and usage of the system.


TEAM offers both WebCenter 10g and WebCenter 11g courses.


Please follow links for information on specific courses, and contact TEAM today.