Simple + Smart
A powerful, scaleable Enterprise Content Platform

The Alfresco One platform allows organizations to fully manage any type of content from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings and even large video files.


Document Management
Take Control of Critical Content
At the core of Alfresco One is an open source content platform that scales to meet your business needs. Unrivaled support for open standards allows users to choose how to access their content, via the web, desktop, email, etc. while the server enforces access controls and security.


  • Full access control to ensure the security and integrity of important business content.
  • Powerful search to easily locate the right content amongst the 100,000’s of documents being managed.
  • Full version control and commenting to track content changes over time.


Team Collaboration
Collaboration for the Extended Enterprise


Alfresco One gives your users the tools they need to securely collaborate internally with colleagues and externally with business partners, prospects, customers, consultants and external agencies – and with complete control.

  • Dedicated project areas to allow teams to share and collaborate efficiently
  • Powerful collaboration tools include project wiki’s, forums, links, blogs and lists
  • Synchronization to the cloud to support collaboration with the extended enterprise

If you are ready to move to the Alfresco Platform, or just want to learn more, contact TEAM today.